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The Swedish brand has enter the market in 2005 with one purpose to protect. They are designing their products to ensure lower death rate and mitigate outcomes of accidents that happen while doing sports.

The primary focus of POC is the protection of head, spine and the back of skiers, snowboarders and cyclists. Amongst helmets and spine guards POC also brings great and stylish ski glasses and other accessories.

POC brought a fresh breeze onto the market by bringing along new, patented technologies to protect the skull. In-mold technology that made sure that helmets can be lighter thanks to a completely new structure, SPIN that eliminates the rotational forces of an impact, Clarity brings w hole new level of optical solutions in ski goggles. WATTS LAB is the one that enabled POC to push boundaries even further to protect while preserving aerodynamical shape and many other.

That is what POC is all about: Protection.


Ester Ledecká

Leki, POC

Kryštof Krýzl

Leki, POC


Veloforte in the portfolio of Levelsportkoncept

Veloforte in the portfolio of Levelsportkoncept

9. duben 2021 / Ski
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