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We are Victus

Back in 2018, two brothers started Victus with one goal in mind: to simplify and improve the market of sports supplements. Why? Because we’re flooded with choices and it’s nearly impossible to find out why the products of brand A are better than the products of brand B. Practically, they all sell the same. For us, that resulted in using up to ten different products, but for a lot of people who are less known about the benefits of supplements, the result is that they don’t use any products at all while it would benefit their sports performance.

Our collaboration with the master students of the University of Wageningen, one of the leading knowledge institutes in the world, made it possible to create three new, unique and complete formulas that support you in each phase of sports: before, during and after exercise. That way, we create some clarity and can you rest assured you don’t miss out on any essential nutrients.


Lech Niekraszewicz

Sales representative
+48 669 982 828