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For us cyclists, a well-chosen helmet is a pretty important thing. It can contribute a lot to the overall well-being we expect from cycling. Of course, there are many manufacturers of more or less high quality and then it depends on each of us which brand we choose. Hand on heart - it's a fact that lately practically all goods are becoming a "consumable" item - use it and after a reasonable time replace it with a new one. There is enough of everything, there is nothing to worry about. For example, the now essential cars - don't you think they have reached the level of refrigerators or automatic washing machines? Sure, they work great, they're equipped with all sorts of things, but beyond that? Which ones still have their "soul" today, something that catches your heart and makes you feel that this is it? They are practically just for everyday use ... a pity.
The old tradition is continued by the current know-how. The old masters teach and pass on their experience to their successors and try to awaken in them the right relationship to the craft to which they have committed themselves. They teach them to make quality work their passion so that the customer can feel it in the final product. The foundation of quality work is precision, care, consistency and to all this, peace of mind is needed. Thus, no stress from large-scale production! The company has a lot to build on, as the origins of the organisation can be traced back to the 1980s. Eight years ago, Philippe Zecchetto transformed the company into a team of selected engineers, technicians and craftsmen of sports footwear production, all of whom, in the most relaxed atmosphere, try to infuse their products with all their skill and passion, so that every time you put on a shoe of this brand you have the good feeling that you are not just picking up an inanimate object, but that you also feel a piece of the love that the entire DMT team puts into their daily work.


Martina Saňáková

Administration / Mizuno invoicing
+420 212 340 520
+420 724 269 054


Victus now in LEVELSPORTKONCEPT's portfolio

Victus now in LEVELSPORTKONCEPT's portfolio

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