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Established in 2007 by triathlete James Lock, Zone 3 has earned a great prestigious within the industry since their foundation. In the recent yeas the brand has been recognised as the Highest rated on the market by several journalists, ex athletes and experts.


Zone 3 has a range of everything for try athletes, wetsuits, triwear or goggles just to name a few. Zone 3 emphasises warmth and safety of athletes.


Martina Saňáková

Administration / Mizuno invoicing
+420 212 340 520
+420 724 269 054

Daniel Hájek

Brand manager - category RUN & INDOOR
+420 284 840 310
+420 607 221 534

Fruzsina Szabolcsi

Sales representative
+36 30 497 6006

Lech Niekraszewicz

Sales representative
+48 669 982 828


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Victus now in LEVELSPORTKONCEPT's portfolio

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The new showroom in Budapest

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Veloforte in the portfolio of Levelsportkoncept

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