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Jan Jobánek narrowly second on Gravel Blinduru

8. září 2022 / Ski/Outdoor

For the fifth time last weekend, gravel fans gathered at the Gravel Blinduro in Staré Město pod Landštejnem. Tomáš Paprstka (Bike Action - Rocky Mountain) won the unique race in the beautiful countryside of Czech Canada, just ahead of Jan Jobánek (Superior Team).


The two-day Gravel Blinduro event is not just about racing. Most of the route is ridden at a leisurely pace and only 5 relatively short timed sections await riders during the day. And as the name blinduro suggests, no one knows in advance how long the time trial will be or what the course will be like. On Saturday, a 78 km circuit awaited the "gravel", then on Sunday a slightly shorter one in the opposite direction. All this in a great Indian summer weather.

"After my debut at Blindur last year, I knew I would ride again this year. The race, its atmosphere, the course and the environment in which it is run have won me over. Czech Canada is a picturesque and kind of forgotten part of the country that is perfect for gravely. No big steep hills, plus a dense network of forest roads, trails and gravel. The event itself has a great racing-non-racing atmosphere. If you take it seriously, the timed ergs will give you a hard time. Or you can think of it as a relaxed ride with a bunch of friends. After last year, when I started Blinduru after my illness, I wanted to take a more sporty approach to this year's event and I succeeded. Although the individual stages with their length of around 3 minutes do not suit me as an endurance rider, I managed to keep up with Tom Paprstka and I take the overall loss of 15 seconds as a success", said Honza Jobánek.


Overall results of Gravel Blinduro 2022:

2. JOBÁNEK Jan (Superior Team)     0:33:57 +00:15
3. BLÁHA Vojtěch (Actofive) 0:35:18 +01:36
4. JEŽEK Petr (SUPERIOR RIDERS)  0:35:46 +02:04
5. NAJSER Karel (SUPERIOR RIDERS) 0:36:02 +02:20


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