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News from Fabián Štoček before Jizerska 50.

7. únor 2023 / Run/Indoor

This weekend was a holiday of cross-country skiing in Germany - Konig Ludwig Lauf. The quality of snow could have been better, but Saturday was great, it didn't hurt so much and Sunday was a nice fight, where I went too early at the end so I paid for it (4th place). But at least I gave it a try, rather than like last year.

On Thursday 9.2. I plan to do one of the Jizerska 50 races - Bedrichovska 30. No sprint on Friday 10.2. and I bet everything on Sunday.
I am looking forward to the Czech snow and the fabulous surroundings on Šámalka.
I'm also sending a video from Marcialonga where I won the first local sprint (not from Ski Classic).

P.S.: Fabian is currently the best Czech ski jumper. He is also studying and working scientifically. Hats off to him.