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Zuzana Hejnová ambassador of the Mizuno brand

15. duben 2021 / Bike

Zuzana Hejnová ambassador of the Mizuno brand

Two-time world champion and Olympic medallist on the 400 m hurdles track Zuzana Hejnová enters the 2021 season as an ambassador for the Mizuno brand.

"I am glad that I can follow in the footsteps of Honza Železný and Ivan Lendl," says Zuzana Hejnová about the newly established cooperation with the Japanese brand Mizuno, which previously dressed and geared up both mentioned icons of Czech sport.

" I currently like two types of shoes. The first one is Mizuno – Wave Rider and the second is Mizuno Wave Sky. Both suit me very well and I am really satisfied with them" says Hejnová about the legendary Riders, which are this year entering their 24th season on sale (Wave Rider 24), and the volume training shoes with excellent damping Wave SKY 4. Both types of shoes are in addition to the typical Mizuno Wave technology also equipped with the innovative Mizuno Enerzy midsole technology, which guarantees a comfortable tread with a high return of energy from impact to reflection.

The highlight of the season for Hejnová will, of course, be the Olympics. This year it is her fourth time at the Olympics, and she managed to make it to the finals in each of the previous three participations and even brought a bronze medal from London 2012.

"Of course, I would like a similar result at the games in Tokyo. Reach the finals and run as best as I can, "says Hejnová, who is now preparing for the season in South Africa. "I will be back at the end of April, when the athletic season should start, including the Diamond League. Then I will concentrate fully on the mentioned peak of the season, the Olympics in August. "




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