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Camp Krkonoše in Michal Strejc's performance

2. září 2022 / Run/Indoor

After the unsuccessful summer training camp with the Pilsen triathlon team, led by Olympic medalist Jan Rehula, in Livigno, Italy, it was important to have a longer period of time to recover and absorb the antibiotics. A week after finishing the antibiotics, I went to the Giant Mountains, to Brádlerova boudy, to collect the important volume part of the training. The goal for this week was to slowly get my heart rate up to a baseline for volume training, which is very important in this period of preparation for the World Triathlon Championships in Italy. Alongside my charge - my friend Ondra, we reigned over the Krkonoše climbs, both during the running workouts and the cycling workouts, which are also part of our preparation.

Although we trained in two or three phases almost every day, unfortunately we were stopped for three days by the merciless, typical Krkonoše weather, when it rained from morning to evening. However, even this did not stop us from moving and we went to the pool in Špindlerův Mlýn, where we had to practice our swimming technique and strength. We also tried to avoid fatigue and injuries, so we took advantage of the wellness area in the pool, overlooking the rainy weather. Throughout the training camp, Mico clothing kept me warm on the bike and during the run, and the support of Leki ski-alp poles came in very handy when tackling the challenging hill climbs.

Now comes a week of training in Hungary. Here I will focus on the aerobic and anaerobic phases on the run, bike and expand the swim portion with additional volume and speed.